Hindeloopen and surrounding area

Picturesque Eleven Cities town at the IJsselmeer
Among other things, Hindeloopen is known for its traditional costume, typical painting, characteristic frontages and its many small, wooden bridges. This little town is also one of the 11 Frisian cities of the famous ‘Elfstedentocht’ (Eleven Cities Tour), a long-distance skating event.

Hindeloopen received city rights in 1225. About three centories ago Hindeloopen developed into a major trading town. In those days the town owned a fleet of over a hundred ships. Find more about its history, sights and discover the culture of this friendly Zuyder Zee town.

This pretty little town, situated in the National Park of Southwest Friesland, is the scene of various events. In addition, there is a popular surf- and kitespot.

Surrounding area
This little Eleven Cities town immediately borders on the IJsselmeer and is a favorite place to be for water sports lovers, in particular due to its excellent facilities. North of Hindeloopen you will find Workum, Bolsward and Sneek in the east and southwards Stavoren, all of them belong to the Frisian Eleven Cities. Spending holidays and/or leisure in the Nationaal Landschap Zuidwest-Fryslân (National Nature Reserve Southwest Friesland) stands for enjoying a wide variety of scenery. Besides panoramic views, dikes and waterways you will find wooded areas, slopes and cliffs as well in Gaasterland, in the Southwestern part of Friesland.


  1. (Nederlands) Expositie winter op aardewerk

    14 December 2018 @ 10:00 - 26 September 2019 @ 18:00
  2. (Nederlands) Fancy Fair voor Stichting Semmy

    May 29 @ 10:00 - 12:00
  3. (Nederlands) IFKS

    August 10 @ 09:15 - 14:30